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    PPM Services

    ppm services

    PPM Service

    • PPM of medical & Dental equipment with calibrated test equipment.
    • Quality control of X Rays + Aprons.
    • Maintenance of medical equipment (AMC & repair Services).
    • Asset management

    PPM is done in compliance with international standards.

    Featured Product - SOS BADGES

    It is a simple technological solution that helps to direct information and use the health information of a user. It provides easy access to information on basic data such as name, surname, age, blood type, a specific disease by monitoring the user's medical file. With a simple smartphone, the necessary information is accessible via NFC (Near Field Communication) system which is pre-installed in most smartphones.
    The tap2SOS bracelet provides instant access to data for the identification of the wearer enabling first responders to communicate with relatives, caregivers and authorities.
    Tap2sos is a reliable solution for patients with diabetes, for the elderly, for unaccompanied children, for people requiring special attention, for people with disabilities, for people with chronic diseases or terminal conditions, for Alzheimer patients, and for many others in need of providing identification information 'on the spot'.

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