PPM - Periodic Preventive Maintenance

    One Stop Medical Equipment Solution

    We Plan

    • Complete initial inspections
    • Take inventory of all assets
    • Calibrate all equipment

    We Perform

    • Electrical safety inspections
    • Performance testing
    • Preventative maintenance

    Meditron is involved in providing technical solutions to healthcare facilities.

    We undertake PPM/AMC as per DHA/MOH/DOH/JCI requirements and carry out the PPM of medical equipment as per international standards.

    We do provide our consultation for FANR licensing procedures for clinics looking for getting FANR license, X-ray & LEAD apron QCs.

    Our PPM reporting includes:

    1. PPM contract with clinic valid for one year as per DHA/MOH/DOH/JCI  guidelines.
    2. Equipment tests checklist
    3. Test reports (EST-Electrical safety test).
    4. Calibration certificate of our test equipment.
    5. Sticker on machine with validity.
    6. QC report as per FANR guidelines for x rays by MOH licensed Medical Physicist.

    Our qualified biomedical engineers are well aware of the international standards & local guidelines as per PPM requirements for various medical & dental equipment.

    Our test equipment are from reputed brands from Europe & America and are calibrated every year by DAC approved calibration firms.

    Give us a call or drop us a mail to discuss further, about our technical services offered to medical centers, day care centers, and all other healthcare facilities coming under DHA/MOH/DOH/JCI.

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