Medical equipment planning is the core requirement in setting up a hospital. Our experience in managing hospital technologies and maintenance programs over the past years has given us deep insights into the equipping requirements of hospitals. These insights uniquely qualify us to help you select the right equipment in the optimal quantities, with clear costs. Our technical team is equipped to support your hospitals in selecting the right equipment, their ancillaries, and accessories and developing tools in translating clinical needs into technical specifications ensuring that they are in line with the evolving technology trends. We undertake all aspects of Medical Equipment Planning right from developing a Bill of quantities to supervising the installation process, the following services are offered.
    • Bill of Quantities
    • Equipment specifications as per clinical needs
    • Equipment installation requirements and pre-requisites
    • Tendering and techno-commercial evaluations
    • Supply contracts and their administration.
    • Pre-installation site preparation and coordination with other contractors
    • Installation Supervision
    • Acceptance testing and user training
    • Maintenance Management Program Development
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